MIBC Constitution

Constitution of the Governing Council

  • The management of the Association shall be vested in the Governing Council consisting of a President, a Deputy President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and not more than six (6) other members of the Governing Council whose powers and duties are detailed in 2.3 below (collectively, "Governing Council Members")

  • All Governing Council Members shall be the CEO' of Corporate Members and / or Individual Members

  • All Governing Council Members shall be the citizens of Malaysia. Prior approval from the Registrar shall be obtained before a non citizen is appointed as a Council Member.

  • From time to time, the Governing Council may appoint an Adviser/s to Governing Council. Such Adviser/s shall not be entitled to any of the rights accruing to a Governing Council Member, including but not limited to, the right to vote upon any resolution of the Governing Council. Such invitations can be revoked at any time by the Governing Council and any such revocation shall take effect upon passing of the resolution by the Governing Council.

  • The Governing Council shall have the authority to appoint, if necessary, executives and staff as persons employed and paid by the Association to administer the business of the Association and its various sub-committees