MIBC - Membership

The membership to the Association shall be open to all Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and / or Managing Directors of companies and Individuals that are registered with the Association in Malaysia and India.

1.1 Application for Membership
Every applicant for admission as a member shall submit to the Governing Council a written application in such form as the Governing Council shall from time to time prescribe, duly signed in the case of an individual, by the applicant and in the case of a company or firm, by a responsible member of the applicant company or firm.

Each applicant must be proposed by one and seconded by another existing member.

Notwithstanding anything herein contained, the Governing Council may accept or refuse admission and/or impose any terms and conditions as it deems fit.

1.2 Categories of Membership
Membership shall be available in the following categories and shall generally comprise businesspersons of good standing;

(a) Corporate Members
(i) which are interested in developing trade or commercial interests in India; or
(ii) which are engaged in the promotion of Indian products or services in Malaysia; or
(iii) in which Indian companies/firms have an equity interest; or
(iv) which are nominated by a Member and accepted by the Governing Council. Corporate members are entitled to nominate one (1) chief executive officer (‘CEO’) or a senior representative.

(b) Individual Members
Any individual who can contribute to the objectives of the Association may be invited to be a member of the Association at the sole discretion of the Governing Council

1.3 Corporate Representatives
For the purpose of representation, a Corporate Member shall nominate its CEO or a senior representative. The CEO or its senior representative so nominated shall be authorized to attend meetings on behalf of the Corporate Member and their names shall be notified in writing to the Secretary of the Association. These nominations shall be entered in the Members Register Book of the Association and shall hold good until revoked by notice in writing by the Corporate Member.

Membership Application Form - Hardcopy